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Cash on the Go!
If you need some quick cash to boost your lifestyle, pay for that certification or make that emergency disappear, we've got you covered. Get access to money without collateral and pay back without feeling it*
Get fast cash in three easy steps
1. Fill the form
2. Cross your fingers
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Capival Invest

Make Your Money Work
Crunching the numbers and putting your money to work can be a bittersweet experience. Get the market scoop & friendly interest rates 24/7. We will lead you by the hand and help you make the most of your cash through safe investment options. Want to build your future today and multiply your money while at it?

Do More

Simplify your finances with your own money buddy. That's us! We are the financial gamechangers.

Build Your Tomorrow

Be the boss. Enjoy the finest things of life as we work with you to create the wealth you long for.


Get The Advantage

Stay ahead of the pack as we guide you to make the best money decisions for today and tomorrow. With your seed fund, you can get relatively higher interest, easy roll over and access to your dividends without stress.


Follow The Money

Your cash is safe and easy to access without stepping into a building. Control and monitor your money matters from your mobile device via our app. Let tech bridge the gap while you focus on doing more.


Enjoy Better Options

Get 24/7 support from our team while you do more. Pay, borrow and invest from your home, office or on the road. Enjoy the ease you deserve while we do the work. Your comfort and growth matter to us.

Frequently Asked Questions

At Capival, we help you fall in love with the numbers, fund your way to greatness and plan for your future while you live out the lifestyle of your dreams today. Enjoy professional advice, investment hacks and money options that put you ahead of the pack. Whoever you are, there is something for you!
As a salary earner, you get to live the good life on your budget
As business owner, you can access the funds you need to scale
As a self-development junkie, you get fast cash to pay for your education or professional courses
As an Investment newbie, you can become the 'investment pro' and make money work for you while you sleep.
With as little as N200,000, you can start your investment journey without any pressure. We give you the information you need and market rates to make safe investments and help you grow your money even while you are asleep.
You can access between 200,000 to 4 million in form of loan with zero collateral. Just fill the form and wait for your alert. It’s that easy

Access the funds you need to achieve your goals